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Giftik Trooper

In the walking cities of Magna there are a many offences that in the eyes of its rulers deserve capital punishment. If an individual with military experience is found guilty of such a crime they are offered a choice, execution or join the Giftik troopers. In both cases death is certain. Equipped with a modified flamer that sprays radioactive material across a conflict zone the Giftik troopers are terrifying shock troops that will deny swathes of a battlefield to the enemy and cause immediate death at close range. However the use of such indiscriminate weaponry comes at a price and it is all but certain a Giftik Trooper will one day succumb to fatal radiation sickness. To prolong their functional lifespan they are heavily insulated with layers of material that is designed to shield the Trooper from the worst of the fall out. Much of a Giftik’s armour is modular and disposable, with sections being replaced once they are contaminated with radiation.
Done by Thomas Elliott illustrator artist.